A pro baseball player… a brilliant scientific researcher… he could be anything. Clark Kent traveled to Metropolis to decide what he wanted to do with his life. In the process, he decides who he wants to be.

“If I expose myself to the world, if I show them what I can do… I’ll always be on the run. I’ll never fit in. I’ll always be on the outside, looking in. I’ll be alone.”

page 28

This modern take on Superman’s origin has 21st century appeal;  and it’s twenty-something superhero may be modern, but retains his high moral standards .

Why is this on our bookshelf?

With the new Man of Steel movie out, I thought I would look at another modern take on Superman’s origins. Superman is my favorite superhero– I am as much in love with Clark Kent’s persona as I am with the man in blue.

Rating (4 stars)

I was really into this take on Clark Kent, up until the KISS band member reject showed up on earth, demanding the surrender of the alien earth is harboring. (Off topic, have you seen Man of Steel?)  I thought it was a new version of Lobo, but apparently it’s an all-new villain from a planet near Krypton.

Villain aside, whose sole purpose in the story is to serve as a catalyst for Kent’s superman persona, I loved the update, especially Jim Olsen’s tough and unyielding photojournalist character, guilty of uploading huge files to the Daily Planet’s server.