World War II is in full swing, the Nazis are searching for a leg up on The Allies so to speak, and are on the cusp of tapping into their new secret weapon: The Übermensch.

“Himmler is tampering with forces he does not understand. None of us can understand them. And in doing so, he has provoked the ire of a society far more advanced, far more aggressive, far more dangerous than our own. He and the Fuhrer hope to harness the force of that race- forces and power we cannot even dream of.”

page 149

England, desperate to learn all they can about this incredible rising threat, employ an unlikely set of people to ferret out the Nazi secrets.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

As another alternate history/speculative fiction drawing inspiration from very well known facts and historical figures, this book earns a spot on our shelf.

Additionally, Justin Richards catalog of work includes a host of Doctor Who novels. The man knows his sci-fi!

Rating (4 stars)

The Suicide Exhibition is a solid story with the potential to be a great series if it keeps up the current pace and intensity. The plot is bendy enough to make you think, but straightforward enough that you don’t feel lost at all.

The inclusion of real people (Aleister Crowley, Himmler, Goebbels….) gives the book that touch of authenticity. It was a bit slow in some very small spots, but when it picked up, it really moved.