Zita is feisty and devoted but not all that fearless. When pushing the big red button on the gizmo found at the bottom of a meteor crater and sends her timid friend Joseph through a space traveling portal, Zita swallows her fears and embarks on her quest to try to get him home.

Doorpaste. The rarest and most valuable paste of all.

page 129

Once she puts on her super-suit and becomes Zita the Spacegirl, she musters her courage. What follows is a wild tramp through an alien world on the brink of destruction. She battles or partners with alien critters of every sort; hilarious humanoids, giant chickens, and scary robotic creatures, like the Screed who captured Joseph. Some are, by all appearances, talking cookie dough.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Every geek loves a new alien life form. Consult Gilliam’s Guide to Sentient Species 4th edition on page 55 for the latest info.

Rating (4 stars)

The artwork is terrific and inventive, but there is still plenty of story in this quick graphic novel. Zita is a genuine character that could be the spunky little girl next door. The cast of characters are multifarious, from a devoted giant mouse and would-be pied piper to the hilarious fuzzy pipe dwellers.