Phoenix WordCamp 2013

This past weekend GeekyLibrary reviewer Taylor Dewey (me) attended WordCamp Phoenix 2013. I spoke too. GeekyLibrary is hanging out in Phoenix for #wcphx — our site is proudly WordPress! ^td — GeekyLibrary (@GeekyLibrary) January 19, 2013 Any of you geeks going to WordCamp Phoenix? I'll be there all three days, speaking Fri and Sun. #wcphx […]

More books to review and the Hugo Awards

I just picked up three more books to review, which begins a Hugo Award-winner binge. You can look forward to upcoming reviews of Ringworld by Larry Niven, The City & The City by China Miéville, and Among Others by Jo Walton. Incidentally, we created a page with all the Hugo Award winners for Best Novel linking to […]

The Tech Behind GeekyLibrary

Typically self-congratulatory blog posts about all the cool visual things that will make you–the reader–better off accompany website launches such as this one. One of my colleagues may yet write that post. I am not. I am writing a blog post about all the cool stuff that you don’t necessarily see. Or the stuff that […]