Geeky LIbrary 100th Book Review Countdown

As a precursor to the launch of our new theme, we counted down to the review of our 100th book on Pinterest. If you missed it, here are the 10 books featured in our countdown.

Number 100: Rat Queens


We are impressed with this new series from Image Comics, which features a bad-ass mercenary group of female fighters who put the ‘sexy back into wholesale slaughter.’

Number 99: Ancillary Justice


Although we read this because it is a 2013 Philip K. Dick nominee, it is also received several other endorsements and was even featured at our local bookstore’s sci-fi club (yay Powell’s!)

Number 98: The Wicked


We’ve been working on filling out our fantasy selection, and this delightful historical fantasy was a perfect addition to our library.

Number 97: Wonder Woman Unbound


I can’t resist a good superhero history, and Wonder Woman Unbound was a fascinating look at the strange history of this iconic character.

Number 96: A Calculated Life


How far will intelligence take you? A Calculated Life is another Philip K. Dick award nominee.

Number 95: The Empire Striketh Back


Until we read Shakespeare’s Star Wars we never realized the bard was such a perfect fit with one of our favorite sci-fi franchises. Of course we had to feature the sequel.

Number 94: Countdown City


The sequel to The Last Policeman, and Philip K. Dick nominee takes place at the brink of earth’s destruction. It’s not so much about the end of the world, but about the time leading up to it.

Number 93: The Martian


We can’t say enough about how much we love this book. It’s everything we wish NASA was mixed with great geeky humor and thrown into the riveting type action of Apollo 13. There’s even a second review!

Number 92: The Tropic of Serpents


I couldn’t wait for the sequel to A Natural History of Dragons. Tropic of Serpents is just as amazing as the first book, a mix of 19th century memoir with dragons.

Number 91: Self-Reference ENGINE


What a bizarre book. The space-time continuum is all wonky, there are Freuds under the floorboards and anthropomorphic socks. It’s interesting experimental sci-fi, and a 2013 PKD nominee.