Larry Correia stopped at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing as part of his tour promoting Monster Hunter: Nemesis (the latest book in the Monster Hunter International series). GeekyLibrary is reviewing the Grimnoir Chronicles— a series that begins with Hard Magic— in advance of the Hugo award announcements.

The third book in that series has been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Correia spoke at length about Monster Hunter and what’s coming up for that series. At one point however, he mentioned that while it pays the bills, the Grimnoir Chronicles are a particular favorite.

It was also revealed that although this trilogy is complete and standalone, there will be more Grimnoir books set throughout it’s alternate timeline. At the beginning of magic in the 1800’s, turn of the century (1900’s), and in the 1950’s. For the 1950’s in particular, Correia wanted to write a Grimnior book set in the golden age of science fiction.

Grimnoir’s not the only universe that Correia will continue writing about. Monster Hunter fans can also look forward to more books in that series. After all, there were people who donated money to charity in exchange for being immortalized as a “redshirt” in his books that still need to be killed.

Monster Hunter and Grimnoir isn’t the only series, either. Correia said that he’s working on an “epic fantasy” trilogy and gave the audience a general plot outline. “I’m bad at titles,” says Correia, who said the yet-to-be-named book will be out sometime next year.

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