Faye— the best traveller ever—is being hunted down by the organization to which she swore allegiance. Sullivan has recruited a group of magicals for a suicide mission against the wishes of the Grimnoir. Francis is waging a political battle against what he sees as the persecution of magicals.

“Bouncing radio waves off solid objects to see how far away they are… It’s like magic.”

page 265

Meanwhile, the Enemy—the destruction of Earth—grows ever closer, Sullivan’s team is overwhelmed, Faye is busy on a mission of personal discovery, and Francis is, well, Francis. In this final book of the Grimnoir Chronicles, everything comes together in a bloody, magical, and spectacular fashion.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

We’ve already reviewed the first two books in this series, Hard Magic, and Spellbound, we may as well review this one. Truth is, the series is compelling enough that it would be difficult to not figure out the ending.

I’ve attended a Larry Correia author event and Warbound is also nominated for a 2014 Hugo Award.

Rating (4 stars)

Hard Magic introduced us to the magic system and hinted at the larger connections between magicals. In Warbound, the magic system is pretty well defined and our attention turns to the entity that connects all the magic and the Enemy that is trying to consume it.

The book gets a little weird. What once was grounded and gritty noir fantasy now involves outer space ethereal beings. What makes up for Faye’s odd soul-searching side-trip and this space being are solid Sullivan tactics and leadership combined with a few plot twists and unexpected intrigue. Overall a solid read, and a must if you’ve made through the first two in the series.