Redshirts is coming to TV (My Thoughts)

If you hadn’t heard, Redshirts by John Scalzi is coming to a television set near you. On Feb 7th, FX announced plans to adapt the novel into a limited run TV series. If they announced this over a week ago, why did it take so long for me to write about it? Actually, for at least […]

Geek love: 3 Geeky books just in time for Valentine’s Day

Whether its a nerdy sci-fi romance romance or advice on geek love, these three books are a perfect fit for a geeky Valentine’s Day. #1. The Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith (Quirk Books) “Having your heart injured by shrapnel, requiring you to wear an arc reactor just to keep it beating? Meh, maybe […]

5 Gift Ideas: Geeky Book Accessories

Need to get a gift for a reader who also happens to be a geek? We completely understand. Although books are always a wonderful idea (check out our favorites), if they happen to be a geeky book geek, it could be hard to find the right one. So geeky book accessories for the win! Here […]

Author Q&A: Eric Smith (The Geek’s Guide to Dating)

Self-proclaimed geek and author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating, (Dec 3, Quirk Books) Eric Smith, answered a few of our questions about himself and his most recent project. What makes you a geeky author? Well, I pretty much consider myself a full-time geek. By day, I work at Quirk Books, a publisher that loves putting out all kinds […]

Totally Geeky Book for the Win!

The 2013 Hugo Awards were presented on September 2nd, and although the live feed went a bit wonky, I was mostly able to follow the ceremony online. Of course, the award we were waiting to hear about was the Hugo Award for Best Novel. In preparation, we read and reviewed as many of the nominees […]

Prisoner of the Ant People & other titles…

With 20th Century Fox poised to start work on making a “Choose your Own Adventure” movie, someone was smart enough to take a look at the source material. Adam K. Raymond for ranked all 185 titles in the popular 80’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, listing them from “Most to least awesome-sounding.” Number 1 on the list? Prisoner […]

Uhmm… Happy Short Story Month?

So I just found out that May is Short Story Month. Seriously, all these holidays and weeks and months of recognition for stuff is confusing. At least I knew last month was Poetry Month, so I should get a little credit, right? The one good thing about Short Story month is that it has drawn […]

"Lost Everything" cover

Hugo Award Nominees are here!

So while fellow GeekyLibrary crew member Taylor was enjoying NorWesCon, I spent my weekend schlepping boxes and furniture down 3 flights of stars while moving into a new house. Despite that, I took a break from moving to discover who the Philip K. Dick Award Winner  was and to tune into the announcement of the […]

Don’t Panic; our 42nd book review is here

In honor of our 42nd review—rather than troll Wikipedia (delete everything in the entry for Earth and replace it with “Mostly Harmless”)– we decided to celebrate a different way. As we know, the number 42 is so important, being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, so I’ve added my own opinion about Douglas […]

GeekyLibrary Crew discusses the PKD Nominees… Live

The winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award will be announced Friday at Norwescon, and we’ve been busy reading them. So lets talk about them. This evening at 6pm (Pacific Daylight Saving Time), we’ll be hosting an informal discussion of the books via Google Hangout On Air feature, which will be featured streaming right […]