valentinesdayWhether its a nerdy sci-fi romance romance or advice on geek love, these three books are a perfect fit for a geeky Valentine’s Day.
geeksguide#1. The Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith (Quirk Books)

“Having your heart injured by shrapnel, requiring you to wear an arc reactor just to keep it beating? Meh, maybe a little inconvenient. But having your heart broken in the emotional sense? Devastating.”

Ready, Player One? It’s time to find Player Two. The Geek’s Guide to Dating is full of solid advice perfectly tailored for single (male) geeks looking for a little romance.


captainvorpatrilsalliance#2: Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen Books)

“You can’t tell me you’d rather jump off a twenty-story building and smash your skull than marry me,” Ivan went on desperately. “I am not a fate worse than death, dammit!”

Romance mixes with sci-fi in this story, as the alliance in question is revealed through an  incredibly well-developed plot surrounding Captain Vorpatril and a woman he is tasked with protecting.

Part of Bujold’s popular Vorkosigan Saga, Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance can nevertheless stand by itself.


LoveStarcover#3: LoveStar by Andri SnærMagnason, Translated by Victoria Cribb (Seven Stories Press)

“Live, and cuddle when possible.”

“Love can’t be measured with money.”

Their pure love a distraction from the cordless modern world, Indridi and Sigrid’s life together is a dance on honeyed roses until the day when the powerful LoveStar Corporation’s inLOVE division calculates them as non-compatible matches.

Nominated for the 2012 Philip K. Dick AwardLoveStar was honored with a special citation at the award ceremony.


Want more geeky stories of romance and love? We picked three books last year for Valentine’s Day; The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, A Working Theory of Love, and Data: A Love Story.

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