Fourteen stories from very unique authors paint the picture of what the “next step” might look like for humanity— and what that could mean for us today.

“The Moon knows a thousand ways to kill you.
And I know a thousand and one.”

Reach for Infinity is a science fiction short story anthology.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

The Philip K Dick award is reserved for the most distinguished science fiction published for the first time in paperback. That any publication be nominated for such an award is reason enough to stop and take notice of the title. Reach for Infinity was nominated for the 2014 award (with the winner to be announced April 3, 2015).

Rating (5 stars)

Too often stories in a science-fiction anthology are so far-fetched the suspension of disbelief required waters down any potential for the stories to act as vehicles for social commentary or philosophical reflection. Having a background in the hard sciences, I’m more critical than most on this point – when I can find even one story plausible enough to empower plot points deeper than space or aliens or tech, I’m excited.

When I find an entire anthology of such stories, I’m beside myself with excitement and tearing through the pages with wild abandon.

Reach for Infinity is that anthology. It’s a perfect blend of speculative science, sticky social situations, and cognitive introflexion. Each story is beautifully constructed and every piece carries a strong component of the  writer’s personal style, but in such an effective manner as to make the book almost feel as if it’s written by a single person.