Promising to be a tale of “Love, Loss, and Robots,” The Mad Scientist’s Daughter delivers in every aspect. Author Cassandra Rose Clarke combines literary tradition with science fiction to create a truly moving story about Cat and Finn. Caterina, the “Mad Scientist’s” Daughter, is only five when she first meets Finn, who happens to be an android.

“What do you possibly think about? Everything in the universe?”

page 39

Finn is a cross between Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Andrew from Isaac Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man, but with a uniqueness that distinguishes him from these characters. As Cat grows up, her relationship with Finn changes, while Finn starts to change himself. At times heartbreaking, this romantic story is a wonderful addition to GeekyLibrary.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Set in a future that feels strangely old-fashioned, The Mad Scientist’s Daughter deals with questions of consciousness and ethics. As Cat grows up, the views of society change as well. I believe that this novel brings a feeling of reality to its vision of the future, while simultaneously avoiding making the world and the future the focus.

Although it might not feel inherently geeky, all I can say is… Love and Robots.

Rating (5 stars)

As soon as I started reading this book, I was swept along by the storyline. In my opinion, a really good book will cause you to experience a range of emotions and this one certainly succeeded. Add in the science fiction (geeky) moments that allow the story to explore issues of ethics and its a five-star novel.