Doctor Adoulla Mahkhslood has spent most of the many years of his life hunting and destroying ghuls– fanged, gray-skinned monsters raised by wicked men for the sole purpose of killing.  At sixty, he yearns for peace and quiet, but it seems that is not to be…

“I swear that none of you know the depths of cruelty we face. With this one in command of such magics, the whole world will drown in blood within a week.”

page 276

A new powerful servant of the Traitorous Angel has risen, leaving carnage in his wake and seeking the power of the Throne of the Crescent Moon. Adoulla is the  last of the ghul hunters. Holding fate in his hands, he gathers his strength and his allies– the virtuous Raseed, a holy warrior, and the fierce Zamia, a Badawi with great power.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

This book  promises an excellent beginning to the new fantasy trilogy The Crescent Moon Kingdoms and it features magic, swordplay, a powerful throne, a grumpy old man, an exotic young girl and a virtuous warrior.

In addition, Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon  was one of the nominees for the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Rating (4 stars)

I definitely enjoyed this book as a fun fantasy romp. So many fantasy books are set in worlds resembling medieval England that it was nice to have this one set in world reminiscent of the Arabian Nights (or Assassin’s Creed…).

However, I guess I am missing the  “deeper message” that supposedly makes this stand out from other fantasy novels. I love the sword fighting and the magic, but to me, it didn’t stand out from so many other fantasy adventure stories.

Of course, I happen to enjoy this genre and the story was well-written and conceived  I will definitely be reading the other books in The Crescent Moon Kingdoms.