2015 Hugo Award Best Novel Nominees
The 2015 Hugo Nominees for Best Novel have been announced! The announcement was made simultaneously at several cons, including Norwescon.

Edit (April 15): Marko Kloos later declined his nomination. His book was replaced by The Three-Body Problem.

This was my first time filling out a Hugo Nomination Ballot, so I rushed over from a George R.R. Martin panel to try to catch all the announcements.

Aside from best novel nominees reveal, there were other noteworthy moments as well.

Jennifer Brozek and Annie Bellet at Norwescon
Annie Bellet and Jennifer Brozek at Norwescon after the Hugo Nominee announcement.

Having just met Kristi Charish, the co-host of Adventures in Science Fiction Publishing podcast, I was excited to hear it nominated for Best Fancast.

Jennifer Brozek (editor of Bless Your Mechanical Heart), nominated for Best Editor, Short Form, and Annie Bellet, nominated for Best Short Story, were both present in the room during the announcement.

Edit (April 15): Annie Bellet later declined her nomination.

Wesley Chu, whose new book, The Rebirths of Taocomes out April 7th, was nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Edge of Tomorrow, a movie based on the book All You Need is Kill, was nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.

Rat Queens, Sass and Sorcery, Vol. 1I adored Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery, and felt like cheering when I saw that it was nominated for Best Graphic Story. Ms. Marvel: No Normal, written by G.Willow Wilson (author of the amazing novel Alif the Unseen), was also nominated.

The Lego Movie, a GeekyLibrary Crew favorite, made it onto the Best Dramatic Presentation ballot.

The Norwescon artist Guest of Honor Julie Dillon, whose work Planetary Alignment I fell in love with at the art show, was nominated for Best Artist.

We’re looking forward to attending Worldcon at Sasquan this year and I’ll be reading the nominees to fully prep myself as a Hugo Award voter!

Looking for more information about each finalists? Please see the 2015 Hugo Award Voting Guide.