Replace the stilted speech of Hayden Christensen with the lyrical poetry of iambic pentameter. Lo, a beautiful love story set against the epic backdrop of space with a hint of mystery and deceit.

“What light is light if Padmé be not seen? What joy is joy if Padmé be not by?”

page 74

A tragedy such as the story told in the Star Wars prequel movies was made to be turned into Shakespeare.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Darth Vader’s story is truly a shakespearean tragedy. How could we miss this adaptation?

Rating (3 stars)

Still entertaining and fun, but the Shakespearean adaptations of the Star Wars prequels don’t have the same excitement as the original trilogy. That being said, the love story played out among the pages of The Clone Army Attacketh is worthy of a Shakespeare. In fact, it is far more believable wrought in verse than in the awkward dialogue so panned by movie viewers.

The artwork is still gorgeous and fun and Doescher still pulls out some tricks, deftly mixing Shakespeare with pop culture. In particular, the fight our heroes have with the three beasts in the arena is noteworthy. If you are a fan of Star Wars, this is not to be missed.