Books for Readathon

The 24-Hour Readathon is Here! | October 2015

  Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon is a twice-yearly online event we’ve participated in twice before. My involvement will be a little more limited this year, but I’m still super excited for the books I’ll be reading today. Our GeekyLibrary contributor, Rachel, is also reading, and you can follow her progress on Twitter @Lady_Saga. To kick off […]

Highlights from Worldcon 2015 at Sasquan & The Hugo Award Ceremony

Although I already shared my thoughts on Friday at Worldcon, Sasquan was much busier over the weekend with the 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony on Saturday night. On Saturday, it was announced that Helsinki had won the site selection vote— if you plan on attending the 75th Worldcon, you’ll be traveling to Finland in 2017! The […]

Event with Bestselling Science Fiction Author John Scalzi

It felt like a mini science fiction convention at Powell’s Books on Tuesday when John Scalzi visited Portland for a special author event featuring geeky musical duo The Doubleclicks.  The seats were filled with people spilling into the aisles to see the popular Hugo Award winning (Redshirts, 2013) author who is currently on tour promoting his newest […]